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What is an Influencer - 

It will be very easy to identify after reading this post ...

Mainly it stands out for having a large number of followers in its Social Networks. In addition, she maintains a strong and direct connection with her audience and knows how to interact with her. 

Your messages have an extraordinary scope.

The Influencers usually have high credibility on a particular topic, it can be sport, fashion, nutrition, digital marketing etc.

Therefore, their opinions and points of view can positively or negatively affect the thinking of their followers about a specific product or service.

Each of these opinion leaders has certain characteristics that make their personality and are highly attractive.

They can stand out for their sense of humor, for the way they dress, for a certain skill, talent, attitude, etc & this is how you select the perfect one to push your brand!

What Influencer should you choose for your brand?

When selecting the influencers for the influencers marketing campaign, you must take into account that it may reflect the value of you brand. Think of those people who have a strong authority in relation to a specific issue related to your sector.

You can determine if the profile of your influencer is adequate to achieve your goals.

To do this, it analyzes at least:

  • What are the products you usually think about?
  • What topics interest you.
  • What is your job or profession?
  • What activities do you do in your free time?
  • In what places has incidence.

This choice will depend largely on the target and the objectives set in the marketing strategy of influencers to be developed.

On the other hand, analyze what is the platform most used by your audience to consume content.

Although the Influencers communicate through various social channels, they are particularly prominent in one of them. See that it matches the preferred medium of your audience.

Another important factor is to carefully evaluate the profiles of your followers on social networks. This will help you determine if they correspond with the target audience or brand type!

Types of influencers in digital marketing

There are 4 different types of Influencers.

1. The experts .

They recommend a product or service because they use it and it gives good results. They are characterized by having great prestige and credibility, they are Opinion Leaders.

2. The Celebrities.

Famous people who promote fashion products such as clothing, perfumes and accessories. Many times they demand a high budget but they assure you a massive diffusion.

3. Cool Hunters .

They are "explorers" who dedicate themselves to trying the latest products to make reviews and recommendations to their followers. They are always aware of the latest news to make reviews and predictions on their social networks or blogs.

4. The Niche Experts .

On the other hand, they are extremely popular people in a specific sector, they have great knowledge about specific topics.

They are ideal if you need to connect with a specific sector.

These are the ones that Doppler has chosen for their action! Then we will tell you more about it.

Now that you know all the types of Influencers that exist, it is only necessary to define which one is best for you based on your priorities.

If you would like more information on Influencers please contact us.

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