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The first decades of the 21st century witnessed a fast-growing population of internet users, thanks largely to technological innovations that allowed easier online access.

To this date... more than 3.75 billion people or more than half of the world’s population are online. 

The speed with which digital connectivity started influencing the buying behaviour of consumers gave new opportunities for business owners to grow their revenue.

One channel that opened up is digital online pr campaigns, combination of traditional public relation practices and data-led online marketing strategies aimed to build a brand’s online presence.

When done right, digital PR improves exposure, boosts brand awareness, and increases online visibility!

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Public Relations Marbella - Viwa-media.

Public Relations Marbella - Viwa-media.

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An increasingly important component of our integrated communications programs especially in Marbella is engaging our clients’ audiences on the Web through digital marketing. It’s no longer about one-way communication but having and stimulating two-way dialogue and interaction with and among those who matter—customers, influencers, communities and prospects.

Our digital marketing campaigns and online PR marketing programs achieve maximum impact not by simply using the newest  technologies but by selecting techniques that authentically engage your audiences and deliver results so take advantage of our relentless testing success! 

Whether it’s word-of-mouth viral campaigns, online promotions and video, engaging and uncovering broad communities, using the popular Twitter, YouTube and Facebook, developing blog content, or deploying other new online tools and mobile applications, we determine the best approach for your brand communications in the most cost-effective way.

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