SEO On site optimisation - What is it?


Everything you can touch

On site optimisation deals with everything on your website that you can change and manipulate. On site optimisation accounts for around 25% of your website’s SEO. It ain’t too big but it’s the foundation of your off site optimisation which accounts for roughly 75% of your site’s SEO.

 Why so small?

25% is a pretty small value for the hell lot of work you put in your website’s SEO. Why is it limited to such a small percent? There’s a long history behind it. And it’s more of Google’s genius or, should I say, defence against spammers.

If a bigger piece of the pie were given to on site optimisation, SEO won’t be about people anymore, it’ll be about codes and about how you can make your website and content more optimised for search engines.

Google figured out that the web is a place for people, not for search engines. So they came up with a search algorithm to make the web a better place for searchers – for people. They put the bigger piece of the pie on off site optimisation where you can’t directly manipulate the results to affect your rankings.

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